General Meeting!

Everyone is invited to our general meeting this Thursday (3/30/17) @ 5pm in RFM 4232!

Come see the car and discuss the many things below:

  • T-Shirts!
  • Current status of the car via team updates
  • Fundraising information
  • Current projects and goals
  • Travel information

Anyone and everyone is welcome! We have a lot to talk about so be there!

-Bobcat Racing Team

General Meeting! 10/27/16

Big general meeting this Thursday! Please join if you have the time! It will be Thursday, Oct 24th, 2016 at 6:30pm in 4232!

FACULTY very welcome!

We have a ton to discuss, including much related to the faculty involved with the program and our overall goals.

If you are not a part of Bobcat Racing, or don’t even attend Texas State University, you’re still welcome to join and talk to our leads at the end of the meeting.