General Meeting!

Everyone is invited to our general meeting this Thursday (3/30/17) @ 5pm in RFM 4232!

Come see the car and discuss the many things below:

  • T-Shirts!
  • Current status of the car via team updates
  • Fundraising information
  • Current projects and goals
  • Travel information

Anyone and everyone is welcome! We have a lot to talk about so be there!

-Bobcat Racing Team

combined tshirts

T-Shirts are available!

Bobcat Racing is proud to announce that we are currently offering T-shirts to anyone! They are priced at $15 each and are going quick!

To purchase your own t-shirt, email us at with the sizes and quantity that you want and we will respond with the payment and delivery information!

Thanks to all our supporters!


Winter break? More like Winter Work!

The Vehicle Team has been hard at work this winter break, jigging, assembling, and welding the frame. Paden Albin, our welder, spent nearly 3 weeks just training, while Adrian Villarreal and John Ivey have been hard at work putting together an accurate jig to hold all the important bars correctly in place.


During the entire assembly process we put up a GoPro for a timelapse view of our team. You can check that out here!


Electrical Team making progress!

The electrical team has finished wiring up the MegaSquirt 3 ECU and confirmed it is working. They have made progress on the active aero system by beginning the purchase list, along with the rear wing design in Solidworks, a program the electrical team is completely unfamiliar with yet they have made massive progress in learning the required skillset to overcome their challenge. They are still deciding on what path is the best to take in the overall data acquisition and control system they are currently designing to give the car a intelligent competitive edge in the competition.

General Meeting! 10/27/16

Big general meeting this Thursday! Please join if you have the time! It will be Thursday, Oct 24th, 2016 at 6:30pm in 4232!

FACULTY very welcome!

We have a ton to discuss, including much related to the faculty involved with the program and our overall goals.

If you are not a part of Bobcat Racing, or don’t even attend Texas State University, you’re still welcome to join and talk to our leads at the end of the meeting.


Table fabrication continues!

With the help of Shane Arabie, our table has progressed toward a flat and usable jig table! The subframe has begun construction, cut and welded by our very own Paden Albin. The table should be finished and true by next Monday!